Weddings + Hostess Gifts

We've got you covered as a memorable gift for any special occasion.
Choose from one of our classic blends or design your own custom tea bath blend.


1. Pick your blend

Classic Blends

You can choose from our existing classic blends in the luxe or mini size. This includes:

  • Cleopatra Chamomile
  • Geisha Green Tea
  • Lady Lavender
  • Persephone Pomegranate

Custom blends

We also offer exclusive blend creation, customized for you. This is a unique opportunity to create something that is both personally meaningful and only offered through you! With endless combinations, we can craft something for you that is fruity, floral, fresh, or something else altogether.


Add ons

For the ultimate gifting experience, we can also add on hand lettered cards, tags, and other personalized packaging for an additional fee. 


2. Make your payment

estimated cost

When you purchase our tea baths in bulk, there are large cost savings. Your final cost is dependent on factors like quantity ordered per blend/size combination. When you submit your inquiry in the form below, we'll get back to you with our pricing sheet and catalog. We'll send you an estimate and finalize your expectations before beginning to create your perfect gift experience.

order lead time

We require a 10 business day lead time for general bulk orders. Custom blends and orders over 250 units can require a longer time to prepare. This is outlined in our pricing sheet. 


Payment Options

Final payment can be made by a variety of methods. We can charge your card, receive transfers through Paypal, or even accept checks.  


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