Our Story

Original Bathing Beauteas team from 2015

The Team

It began with an opportunity for education and entrepreneurialism: ENTRE 472, an undergraduate course where students created companies in a semester. Our initial team came together out of a mutual love for natural beauty and a goal to impact women positively.

The Dream

After meeting over multiple cups of tea and validating our idea, we landed upon the tea bath as our first product line. However, our vision goes far beyond the bath. We’ve always believed in the power of a great story. We believe every woman has a unique story to tell and we aim to help her find a voice in the community through our products and philosophy.


The Opportunity

We partner with local nonprofits focused on women empowerment to develop mutually beneficial partnerships. Our growth as a company happens simultaneously with our impact on women in need. We handcraft our tea baths alongside women who are survivors of sex trafficking in the United States. Read more about it here.


The Reality

Two years and counting, we have developed from learners to leaders who keep learning. The reality that women globally and locally are unable to access resources to better their lives is staggering. Yet, we know everyone can do something to empower someone else. This is why we exist: to tell stories of empowerment with our own lives and help you tell your's. 

Current Bathing Beauteas team leading empowerment project