Our Impact

Bathing Beauteas exists to empower the modern woman. We design our products to provide restoration from beginning to end. Our tea bath creates a relaxing experience for you during and even after the bath with its lingering fragrance and skin-softening effects. In the same way, we craft our product with this impactful intention in mind.

Bathing Beauteas Tea Bath against sign at UnBound (nonprofit partner helping survivors of sex trafficking)

In 2016, we innovated our production process to empower vulnerable women in our local sphere. We work with local nonprofits who help sex trafficking survivors. The Bathing Beauteas team handcrafts each tea bath together with women in holistic restoration programs.

See who we benefit below: 
Unbound logo: Nonprofit partner that fights sex trafficking in Seattle
UnBound’s mission is to provide long-term rehabilitation for survivors of sex trafficking as well as to actively combat sex trafficking as a whole. The Hope House is an aftercare home run by UnBound, that brings healing and hope to survivors of sex trafficking that live there. Bathing Beauteas works with residents of The Hope House through a microfinance program.