Our Ethos

Bathing Beauteas is a reinvented tea bath experience that combines historical bathing traditions and today’s natural ingredients to empower the modern woman.


Bathing Beauteas founders teaching the process of making a tea bath

We handcraft each tea bath in community with other women. We see our creation process as another opportunity to empower and address local needs. See our impact.

Each product is crafted with intention, fresh ingredients, and our innovative recipe. We take great pride in testing our product until it is of the utmost quality for you. Our first product line took over 47 trials to perfect.

We persistently design new products that pay homage to inspiring female figures who have gone before us and honor modern day women in the process.


Five women collaborating to make and holding Bathing Beauteas tea baths

We believe in hearing, sharing, and creating phenomenal stories. We celebrate the role women have played in history (follow our hashtag #herstorymadehistory). In designing each tea bath blend, we had historical female figures at the forefront of our design philosophy. Read more about them below:

Cleopatra Chamomile Tea Bath  

Cleopatra Chamomile | she leads & learns

    Year: 52 BC

    Cultural Identity: Ethnically Greek, Culturally Egyptian

    Fragrance Notes: Floral

We look to Cleopatra as a great leader, known as the Queen of Egypt and last Pharoah to rule. Cleopatra led with confidence and charisma, while also being a mother to three. Many sources say that her charm was a result of her intellect, voice, and ability to make herself agreeable to all. It was her inward beauty and diligence to her work that magnified her physical attractiveness. Like Cleopatra, we believe women have leadership traits that are unique and have the power to transform the office or the home. Shop here.

Geisha Green Tea Bath

Geisha Green Tea | she creates & conserves

    Year: 1750

    Cultural Identity: Japanese born and bred

    Fragrance Notes: Earthy

We are inspired by the skilled artistry of geishas in traditional and modern day Japanese culture. Commonly misconstrued and misunderstood as glorified prostitutes, geisha purely means “to entertain”. They were and still are masters of various traditional dance, musical instruments, poetry, calligraphy, and tea ceremony. In the face of rapidly changing times, a primary goal of geishas are to preserve appreciation of traditional life. In this way, these highly talented women embody the preservation of time and history through the arts. Like the Geisha, we believe women can be highly creative and innovative when it comes to making. Shop here.

Persephone Pomegranate Tea bath

Persephone Pomegranate | she provides & persists

    Year: Legendary

    Cultural Identity: Greek, or so the story goes

    Fragrance Notes: Fruity

Originally the Greek goddess of spring and rebirth, legends described Persephone as a radiant spirit who spent her days surrounded by beautiful fauna and flora. Believed to be a naturally nurturing spirit, Persephone could charm even her quiet husband Hades, the god of the Underworld. Despite circumstances that were less than ideal in her past, Persephone was devoted and persistent in making the most of her present. She brought spring and harvest each year without fail, demonstrating a consistency of character in service. Like Persephone, we believe in the strength of women to be kind and to persevere in difficulty. Shop here.

These are women who inspire us, whose story made history.
Read about modern day women who inspire us too. #herstorymadehistory