Q: What is a tea bath?
A: A tea bath is exactly what it sounds like. It's a sachet of tea, essential oils, and bath salts. We use high quality ingredients that are natural, chemical-free, and sourced locally. Our tea baths are effortless to use, impressively fragrant, and empower survivors of sex trafficking in Seattle

Q: How do I use a tea bath?
A: It's simple and mess-free.

  1. Run a hot bath at a temperature to your liking.
  2. Remove tag and steep tea bath in the water for 2 minutes. (Do not open tea bath pouch.)
  3. Swirl it around, hop in, and enjoy your in-home spa experience. Squeeze the tea bag and use as a loofah if desired.
  4. Dispose of product or leave out to dry and use to freshen up a clothing drawer. 

Q: Are there any health benefits to your in-home spa experience?
A: Absolutely! Though we are not FDA approved, our customers experience effects as such: 

  • Epsom salts help with stress relief, muscle relaxation, and detoxing
  • Chamomile tea softens skin
  • Green tea tones skin
  • Pomegranate tea nourishes skin

Q: What inspired you to make this product?
A: Inspired by impactful women in history, including Eqyptian Queen Cleopatra, the Greeks of ancient days, and Japanese artisans, we reinvented their centuries old ritual. For these women, her story made history and we want to help modern day women do the same. Read more of our philosophy here.

Q: Where else can I buy Bathing Beauteas products?
A: We love meeting our customers! You can occasionally find us at at local markets in the Greater Seattle area. Get on our email list, like our Facebook, follow our Instagram to get updates! 

Q: Will you make any more blends?
A: Yes, and we love hearing from you. Email us at [hello at bathingbeauteas dotcom] to tell us what you want to see next.

Q: I don't have a bath tub. Will you make any new product lines?
A: We're always innovating and finding ways to delight our customers. We currently have shower products in the early development stage. 


Q: How much does shipping cost?
A: All orders over $35 qualify for free shipping. We charge a $5 flat rate for all over orders. 

Q: How long does shipping take?
A: Please allow 5-7 business days for your order to arrive. Shipments in the Greater Seattle often arrive within 2 days of your purchase. Seattle-based orders are also eligible for delivery by hand to be arranged with a Bathing Beauteas representative.