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globally inspired, historically proven

bathing beauteas

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We're all about the Rest of the Story


We are inspired by women whose stories made history. She lived such that she left a lasting impact across generations, prioritizing wellness to sustain her.

your story made history

We want your story to make history too, whether to the world or to your sphere. Modeled after our muses, everything we do helps you live intentionally and genuinely you. 

rhythms of rest to bring your best

We need regular times of rest in order to bring our best self in all aspects of life. We'll empower you to find your own rhythms of rest, wellness, and creativity.

extending rest to the rest

We see the darkness in the world, and we bring light. We partner with nonprofits that bring rest to local survivors of sex trafficking and donate 10% of our profits.


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in-home spa experiences

Shop our tea baths: a modern take on a historical beauty tradition that lets you bring the spa to your own home.


creative workshops

Experience our creative classes: a simple approach to elegant exercises of hand lettering, bullet journaling, and water coloring.


inspiring stories

Read our writings: a collection of thoughtful posts on intentional living and interviews with history makers.

Feels like you are in a spa