Q: What is a tea bath?

A: A tea bath is a beautiful sachet of Epsom salts, tea leaves, and essential oils. It's like a tea bag for your bath tub.

We designed them with historical bathing traditions and modern fragrance blends in mind. All ingredients are locally sourced in Seattle, and handcrafted ethically.


Q: is the tea bath just one-time use?

A: Yes, it's designed to be used once in the bath tub. However, we suggest a sustainable solution after your bath. When you steep the sachet into bath water, the Epsom salts dissolve while the tea blend is released for a luxurious experience. After your bath, you can leave the tea bath out to dry. With the fragrance still strong, you can use it to freshen up a clothing drawer. 


Q: are there any health benefits to tea baths?

A: Absolutely! Though we are not FDA-approved, Epsom salts, tea, and additional ingredients in our sachets have been used for centuries as natural remedies. Our customers report experiencing effects like this:

  • Epsom salts relieve and relax sore, stressed muscles
  • Chamomile tea softens skin
  • Green tea tones skin
  • Pomegranate tea nourishes skin

Q: Where else can I buy bathing beauteas products?

A: We currently are online only, with occasional pop ups. We're also working on getting our tea baths into your favorite stores. Follow us on social media for the latest on our pop up markets and stores we are carried.

Q: How long does shipping take? and how much WILL it cost?

A: Please allow 5-7 business days for your order to arrive. We charge a $5 flat shipping rate within the US.  



Q: who teaches the classes? and how long do they last?

A: All of our classes are taught by Stephanie (@stephanieeedraws) who is a talented self taught calligrapher and artist. She teaches using story, with simplicity, and emphasizes having sufficient time for practice and personal attention. Our classes are 2 hours long. 


Q: Can I really master a new art skill in 2 hours?

A: You would be surprised by the artisan inside of you! Though our classes might sound like complex skills, we break it down into simple steps and tips that make it approachable. All of our attendees walk away with a strong grasp of the skills that lead to mastery. See what people have said in our reviews.


Q: What if I want to take a class with my friends?

A: We encourage that! We think all good things should be experienced in community. All of our classes are capped at a certain number of attendees so that we can ensure you get personal attention and assistance. Make sure your friends sign up before the class sells out or you can purchase their spot ahead of time. If you are thinking of having a lot of friends, consider hosting a private workshop (see next question).


Q: how do privately hosted workshops work?

A: Our private workshops are offered at a flat rate, with a limited amount of participants. Each of our current workshops can be taught privately. They are hosted in a venue of your choosing, and we will bring all the materials and tools necessary to allow you and your guests to have an incredible time learning elegant art skills. It's great for a unique birthday celebration, a bridal shower, or even a spontaneous gathering with the girls.



Q: Do you offer special pricing for purchasing your tea baths in bulk?

A: Yes, we offer our product for bulk purchases. See our wholesale page if you want to carry Bathing Beauteas in your store or our weddings page if you want to gift Bathing Beauteas as a party favor for a large gathering.