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Explore our unforgettable experiences. Join us in building strong skills and creative connections through a multitude of networking parties, workshops, and classes.


Free Monthly Gathering

Creative Corner


join our monthly creative corner on first fridays

Get to know some of the most brilliantly creative minds in Seattle through our FREE monthly Creative Corner meet ups! Come join us at Tougo Coffee in the Central District for some delicious cups of joe and Japanese snacks while networking with local  freelancers and entrepreneurs.


  • Hand lettering and watercolor supplies
  • Networking with Seattle creatives and entrepreneurs
  • Curated discussion
  • Delicious local coffee for purchase

2-hour Class, 2 levels, host privately or join an existing class

Hand Lettering



Want to gain some useful and elegant skills to bring to the office and home? With over 3 years of experience in calligraphy and illustration, we will help you get well on the way to becoming an expert hand-letterer!

101 Level INCLUDES

  • Free brush pen
  • Hand lettering practice sheets
  • Steadiness in 6 standard brush strokes
  • Mastery of lowercase letters

201 Level INCLUDES

  • 3 custom cards
  • Mastery of uppercase letters
  • Ability to add floral, leafy, and banner additions to text
  • Ability to water color, emboss, add metallic effects

2-hour Class, host privately or join an existing class

Bullet Journaling



Learn to beautify, organize, and enhance your daily schedule through our fun and engaging Bullet Journaling class! Combine a multitude of skills including calligraphy, drawing, cutting, highlighting, and more to create a gorgeous personal journal that will help you to stay on top of your schedule.



  • Learning basics of Hand Lettering 101
  • Illustration guidance by Stephanie Mai
  • Beautiful materials and tools
  • Three bullet journal skills adjustable to your needs 

2-hour Class, host privately or join an existing class




Add some new colors to your world through our Watercolor class! Learn to create elegant botanicals and florals through quick and easy steps by our certified instructors. We'll teach you how to spread art everywhere you go and how to create your own watercolor wonders.



  • 3 custom cards to take home (a banquet placard, a greeting card, a mini calendar page)
  • Water colors and brushes
  • Illustration guidance by Stephanie Mai