How to Go Back to the Basics on Valentine's Day

While it  may seem that Valentine's Day is a season to solely embrace appreciation for romantic relationships, it is more so a time to reflect on all those who matter most. Aside from candy hearts and bountiful blooms, Valentine's Day is a celebration as well as a recognition of everyone who have been consistently active in building a connection with you - parents, siblings, friends, significant others, co-workers, teachers. All the meaningful relationships in life that bring fulfillment and a sense of belonging.

Funnily enough, the conventional tropes of Valentine’s Day - giving out chocolates, handwriting cards, delivering lavish bouquets - are all excellent ways of going back to the basics of showing intentionality and thoughtfulness. Switching social media for writing love letters. Cooking a homemade dinner together. Passing out peonies to pals. Spending time on crafts over buying a last minute gift. There is something timeless in some old-fashioned, wordless ways of communication that really reflect true love and kindness.

Above all, mindful actions are the foundations of building loving relationships by going out of your way to let someone know you care. Skip the trip to the convenience store! Here are some tips based on our powerful women:


Persephone Pomegranate

Like the Greek goddess of spring, this Valentine is nurturing, sweet, and elegant. They may choose to hand-write and mail out lovely letters or cook up an intimate homemade dinner for their sweetheart.

Cleopatra Chamomile:

As a leader who is confident and empathetic like the Queen of the Niles, this Valentine may be the first to surprise each of their loved ones with fresh blooms or take initiative to host a fun get together to save any friend from spending the night at home.

Geisha Green Tea

Artisans who exude kindness, craftiness, and creativity would delight in an opportunity to hand-make their Valentine a one-of-a-kind gift, invite their friends to a cooking class to make decadent chocolates, or plan a surprise picnic dinner.




No matter what way, there's always a way to celebrate love everyday; switch up the routine and try going back to the basics of showing love through small, simple actions that build up everyday to become a gargantuan and immovable mountain. It starts with timeless touches, genuine gestures, and mindful makings.


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