The Purpose Behind Restmas

It's been a week of daily tips for moments of rest in this busy holiday season. You've seen us use the term Restmas many a times. It's time that you understand the meaning and the heart behind 25 Days of Restmas.

If you've been following our Restmas tips on the daily, you'll find this graphic ringing a bell with the post on Day 6:Restmas means to rest more

When the Restmas holiday campaign was developed, we knew we wanted something that would resonate with women as the holiday season took on a busier pace after Thanksgiving. The name "Restmas" not only has familiarity with the name "Christmas", but also has a deeper thought process behind it. In Spanish, the word for more is "mas". Thus, the name "Restmas" quite literally means to rest more, which is the exact purpose of the daily rest ideas.

As we enter into the winter holiday season, Restmas is not meant to take away from Christmas and other celebrations, but serves to add to it. In the midst of hosting splendid holiday parties, dressing up for work and family gatherings, as well as searching for the perfect gifts, 25 Days of Restmas reminds you to take small moments to rest, refocus, and gain renewed energy. The holiday season, though brimming with busy activity, is also buzzing with beautiful moments of being reunited. Let's bring meaning and enjoyment back into every moment of this season by making the time to practice restfulness.

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