The Spotlight Series: Jerrin Padre

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Impact: Children’s Book Author

Cultural Identity: Filipino American

This is her story:

Jerrin is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Washington, majoring in Speech & Hearing Science – an interest sparked from her family experience. Her history of song and dance performances have shaped her creative spirit with elegance and grace. With the goal of using her childhood story to help today’s children tell a meaningful story with their lives, Jerrin decided to publish a children’s book, Bo & Whimsy. She has a simple mission: To help you limit your child's/grandchild's screen time. You can purchase the book HERE.

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You’re still in college, and you’ve already published a book! What inspired you to write Bo & Whimsy?

JP: A family history of illnesses made me think more about quality patient care as well as having ignited my passion for Speech & Hearing Sciences. I strongly believe in people honoring their roots and places of origin. Drawing memories from my childhood of growing up Flipino, I reflected on how much time I spent in the backyard and outdoors. Most kids today are exploring new places in the games on their devices.


What do you hope to accomplish by writing children’s books?

JP: My goal is for encourage kids to be innovative as well as to learn to take initiative. I hope they get inspired by what they read to live life to the fullest.


What’s the moral of the story?

JP: Bo & Whimsy is a story about friendship and adventure. It’s about making your own adventure. Paving your own path instead of just simply dreaming. Everyone has their own Whimsy.


We noticed that it’s not just about the kids, you’re also trying to empower parents. How do you do that?

JP: I don't try to vilify screen time. In fact, through Bo & Whimsy I encourage young, developing minds to use technology well. However, studies have shown how a failure to moderate screen time can lead to health issues like displaced sleep, poor mental and physical health, poor diet, reduced immunity, sedative behavior, obesity, and stunted growth. I don't want parents to be the bad guy when limiting their children's screen or TV time. This book aids in brainstorming creative alternatives to technology between parents and children, addressing a need relevantly instead of reinventing the wheel.


What else are you working on?   

JP: I try to ingrain my values into every project I’m immersed in. I’m also the coordinator of TEDxUofW, coming in spring that gathers over 700 students at our university to explore themes important to the community.


What are your top 3 values?

JP: Family, gratitude, and education. I really value the “back to the basics” mindset.


What is your personal philosophy?

JP: Do what makes your heart sing.