The Spotlight Series: Hannah Larson

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Impact: Health/Lifestyle Blogger

Cultural Identity: Scandinavian American

This is her story:

We had the pleasure of meeting Hannah through our mentor Leo Lam, a fashion photographer, at a Business Plan Competition. She quickly became a friend and role model carrying enthusiasm and natural radiance.

Hannah is currently employed as a professional fashion and photography model – a career path which ultimately inspired her to create her blog The Healthful Model. Her love of fitness, yoga, and healthy eating fuels her to share favorite tips and recipes with her readers. After witnessing the damaging emotional and physical effects to women in the modeling industry, Hannah made the decision to create a healthy lifestyle blog to help women of all kind achieve a balance in work and wellness. You can check out her blog HERE.


What inspired the Healthful Model blog?

HL: Initially, it was my negative experience in the modeling industry - I felt trapped, especially after seeing other models’ unhealthy habits of not eating well.

Being exposed to that stressful lifestyle inspired me to start a better health journey to balance healthy living with work. I want to “unglamorize” the modeling industry. It isn’t what people think it is - it’s a real job and you have to work to stay in it. I want to inspire others to start balancing wellness with work.

Where do you hope to see this blog in the future?

HL: I hope The Healthful Model grows enough to reach people both in and out of the modeling industry and makes a positive impact on women and their perception of body image. I hope to encourage a simple, balanced lifestyle.

Health is a journey. You don’t have to be at the gym every day or be a vegan - choose your own life and live with health in mind.

What do you tend to blog about most?

HL:  Pancakes and cookies!

I mostly blog about food because it’s a creative outlet and also because food plays a huge part in my life. I love to grocery shop and cook. I love to refine recipes to be healthy. I want my readers to know that you don’t need overly priced ingredients - you can stop by Safeway on the way home.

How do you approach discussing your modeling experience in your writing?

HL: When I speak about modeling, I want it to be raw and honest. This industry is often known as a big cause of body dysmorphia - and while it definitely affected me as well, I came out a stronger person.

What does restfulness mean to you?

HL: Restfulness to me means coming home and taking the time soak it in. It means letting out a sigh of relief after a long day, the routine of taking off your heels and wiping off makeup and heading to the kitchen to cook a light snack. It’s the process of unwinding.

That’s awesome! Do you have any last advice for your readers?

HL: Recognize your ability to change and be willing to learn. Change is in your power - that’s your most important tool. Embrace it and do little steps everyday. They will add up.

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