How to Celebrate International Women's Day with Intentionality

It's been a historic year for women all around the world. Whether you look at the turnout for the Women's March worldwide, the increasing number of films telling stories from a woman's perspective, or a growing awareness of what it means to be female and in leadership, there is progress. At Bathing Beauteas, we are driven by history and impact - whether it was yesterday or centuries ago.

A vital part of celebrating our unity is recognizing our diversity, which was the heart behind our post last year:



This year, we want to leave you with a few tips on how to celebrate International Women's day beyond the social media statement. Try this out:

Add depth to your post. We're not discouraging the Instagram or Facebook post, but we are challenging you to go beyond a hashtag or a one liner. Try instead writing a sentence or two about what this day means to you personally! Select a relevant photo, maybe it's a proud moment from this year, a woman you look up to in history, or your girl squad.

Thank a woman role model. Text, write a card, or send a shout out to a mentor, teacher, or relative who has been a living model to you of how to be a better woman. It is International Women's Day after all, and a time to recognize other women too.

Tune into fresh female vocals. Your music streaming source, whether it's Spotify, SoundCloud, or Pandora, has got you covered with playlists and radio stations featuring women artists. Support creative women and maybe even find a new favorite musician.

Thank the guys who make you a better woman. As much as this day is about recognizing and uniting women, we can't forget the men who actively do their part in supporting women. There's probably already someone coming to mind who has inspired you to reach your full potential - and recognized your indispensability as a woman. Send him a text, card, or shout out too!

Recognize the power of your own unique story. Your story is powerful. Your story can make history and already has been. Reflect on what your story is (or has been in just this past week) and write it down. Share it to the world if you'd like, and hashtag #herstorymadehistory. Great stories inspire - trust us, we know. 

These are some ways we practice gratefulness and wellness at Bathing Beauteas. Don't reserve them just for International Women's Day. You can use them as often as you like!